Challenges to Road Freight Transport in Nigeria 

Undoubtedly, the transport & logistics sector plays the most pivotal role in every sector’s supply chain. No matter what industry you’re in, whether it is healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, construction, or manufacturing, transport, and transport companies are play a key role in connecting organizations with their clients. 

The Global Logistics Sector is estimated to be worth 300 billion USD. In Nigeria alone, around 20% to 40% of product costs may be attributed to the logistics sector. This is comparatively significant from other economies like that of the USA or China. 

The Nigerian Logistics sector is a fast-evolving industry. However, this growth is not without challenges. Let’s look at a few challenges faced by the logistics in Nigeria. 

  • High Transport Costs

One of the main challenges faced by users in the Road Freight Transport sector is the problem of high transport fees they must contend with. 

Vehicle maintenance costs, poor road networks, increased fuel prices, all jack-up freight transport prices to be borne by the Customer meaning Customers must pay high fees to move goods and products. 

Safetrucks solves this by letting users include their budget and receive competitive quotes from transport providers when listing their freight on the Safetrucks Marketplace. 

  • Poor Customer Service

Customers want full transparency into where their delivery is always. These days, the location of freight in transit is important to Customers and most truck drivers aren’t equipped to relay transit information directly to Customers. Also, most drivers aren’t customer service conscious leading to dissatisfied Customers and infrequent freight bookings. 

Users moving fright on Safetrucks updates on the status of their freight and our dedicated Customer Service monitors each booking to facilitate successful freight delivery. 

  • Poor Business Infrastructure

For a member of the public, trying to find available truck drivers near you is quite a daunting task. Lack of proper channels to contact truck drivers is one of the biggest challenges in road freight transport. 

On Safetrucks, users can include their budget alongside their freight listing and receive price quotes from multiple transport providers they can choose from. 

  • Multiple Taxation

Truck drivers are usually subject to paying loading fees either to a broker securing the job for them or to park officials and agents in charge of loading. This is because most jobs are actually booked for them by other parties who take a cut of the total freight fee 

This also causes a significant increase in freight fess to be paid by Customers on each trip. 

Safetrucks lets customers deal directly with individual truck drivers without involving any third parties. Both customers and transport providers can contact each other directly to book the job and proceed to delivery. 


No matter what type of freight you are moving, the experienced Safetrucks team is ready to help facilitate your listings and booking. We ensure your freight gets picked up and delivered right where it needs to go. Start your Safetrucks journey here and list your freight. 

Safetrucks… Think ease. 

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