5 Things to do when Relocating to a New Home 


Relocating from one home into another can be one of the most tasking experiences you can go through. There is always a ton to do before you can begin your new life in your new home. 

Proper planning and readiness ahead of time is the way to having an efficient and stress-free moving process. 

To ensure your relocation occurs as seamlessly as possible, we suggest making a checklist of tasks you really want to finish before the moving van or truck shows up  

1. Dispose of Stuff

Dispose off stuff when moving homes -- Safetrucks

Relocating to a new home is an incredible motivation to sort through any accumulated items you have been keeping for good measure. You would rather not have to move unwanted items. No one wants to clog up their new home. You may sell off unwanted items with resale value or dispose off the rest as needed. 

2. Choosing A Removal Company 

choosing a removal company when relocating -- Safetrucks

When you are done with tidying and sorting through items to move, you need to secure a house moving company or at least the services of a truck driver to help move your items. 

Moving companies provide varying levels of service with when it comes to assisting with packaging, loading, and unloading items. 

If you are looking for a reliable moving homes company, you can find vetted transport service providers on Safetrucks.  

3. Packing up Items to be Moved 

Pack up items to be moved before relocating -- Safetrucks

Packaging items to be moved is a task in of itself and you may be shocked to see exactly how much stuff you have. 

Start by getting some packing gear, boxes, bubble wraps, old newspapers, tape, labels, and marker pens, etc.  

You can then proceed to pack up unused stuff first. Truly, you should start your packing early on by boxing up things based on how regularly they are used, beginning with things you seldom use. 

Look to pack things together. Pack rooms into like-boxes and hold them together; this will make things a lot more straightforward when restoring boxed up items in your new house. 

Make sure you give satisfactory cushioning to delicate things, collectibles, ceramics, bottles, and such as they can be effectively broken. Add some padding between sensitive items bundled together and ensure boxes are firmly pressed so things cannot move around. Additionally, ensure these containers are appropriately named so your moving company knows to be cautious with them. 

You can keep fundamental essential items unpacked; things you will be using every day until the moving day itself, e.g., things like toilet paper, toothpaste, and some eating utensils. 

4. Tidy Up 

Tidy up before relocating -- Safetrucks

Clean the ovens, cookers, and bathrooms. Vacuum and clean up also. You can either keep some cleaning supplies unloaded to use as late as possible or abandon them for the new inhabitants. 

5. Last Minute Tasks 

A few things you cannot resist the urge to leave as late as possible. Make last moment notes on your checklist to ensure you are not forgetting other tasks that may be needed. 

Have a final through your checklist again and wait for the moving van. 


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You can find multiple Transport Providers on the Safetrucks Freight Marketplace ready to help you with all aspects of the relocation process. Transport Providers help with packing up your home furniture and other items with care, as well as unloading and unpacking your items in your new home. 

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