How to List Cargo and Hire a Truck on Safetrucks in 5 Minutes

List cargo and book transport on Safetrucks

Safetrucks is an online freight marketplace connecting the public to vetted transport providers and truck drivers with haulage vehicles, by offering them a digital platform to meet up, interact and conduct business easily and more efficiently.

Safetrucks lets users with freight list their available cargoes while transport providers with vehicles place price quotes on the listed freights, which the user can browse through and select a price quote that works for them. Safetrucks users can list, search, and browse through available fright orders by location, cargo type and size, vehicle type, transit routes, via and more options.

Listing and booking freight transport on Safetrucks is quite a straightforward process.

1. Sign up and activate account

Create a free account to get started

First, you would want to create and account to use on the platform.

Head to to create a Safetrucks account.

Enter your name, email address and phone number in the fields provided and ensure you select your account type as Customer to be able to list freight.

You may receive an activation email in your email address. Activate your account to start using Safetrucks for free.

2. Select freight Category and Locations

Select Cargo category and locations

Upon activating your account, you can now list your cargo and connect with transport providers.

On the Safetrucks homepage, select the freight category your cargo falls under and enter.

Click on Request a Quote to continue the process

3. Enter cargo details based on Category selected

Input cargo item details

After clicking on Request a Quote, you can now add in further information about your cargo to be moved.

Input more details of your cargo like, size, weight, dimensions, collection and delivery locations and time, as well as your budget for the cargo to be transported. You can even add in a preferred truck type if you have one in mind.

When you are done with adding in your freight details, click on Continue to complete the process and list your freight on the Safetrucks marketplace.

4. Receive price quotes from Transport Providers and book the job

Receive competitive quotes and book a suitable transport provider

Once your freight listing is active, you should start receiving price quotes from available transport providers interested in moving your cargo.

Analyse each quote received based on the price given by the transport provider and criteria like truck type, dates, and routes.

Accept a quote that works for you and proceed to book the job with the transport provider.

5. Track Freight in Transit from Dashboard

Track Freight in Transit

Once the job is booked, the transport provider starts working on picking up your cargo from the collection point you indicated.

Transport providers may contact you directly to clarify details of the freight to be moved.

When the freight has gets picked up, you can keep track of the delivery process from your Safetrucks dashboard until it gets delivered to the required location.


Whether you are moving homes or transporting your goods, getting a reliable transporter on Safetrucks is easy.

Safetrucks also has a dedicated customer service to help with your listings and bookings

Visit to start moving your freight today.

Safetrucksā€¦ Think ease.

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